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Corporate Governance

( Aims to develop the Company sustainably )

Growing Together


Drive Positive Impact

To Create Better Changes For All


The greatest assets are our people
Our people’s talents create great value to our clients.

Works we produce add value
to the stakeholders and the community at large.

These values flow through everything we do,
it allows us all to prosper in a synergistic manner.

We operate our business with good governance, anti-corruption and responsibility for stakeholders and society.

Corporate Governance

The principles of the Company’s Corporate Governance are presented in 5 categories, namely:

Rights of shareholders

The Board of Directors is aware that the shareholders are eligible to make decisions on any significant matters of the Company. The Board encourage the shareholders to exercise their rights.

Equitable treatment of shareholders

The Board of Directors ensures that all shareholders are treated fairly and equally and their fundamental rights are protected.

Role of stakeholders

The Board of Directors ensures the responsible and fair treatment of all stakeholders, encouraging cooperation between each other and creating sustainability to the Company.

Disclosure and transparency

The Board of Directors ensures that all important information of the company is disclosed correctly, accurately, on a timely basis and transparently through easy-to-access channels that are fair.

Responsibilities of
the Board

The Board of Directors is aware of the roles, duties and responsibilities to use knowledge, skills and experience to benefit the business. The Board must perform duties with business ethics and in accordance with the law, objectives and regulations of the company, as well as, the resolutions of the shareholders' meeting with honesty and cautious for the interests of the company and with responsibility to shareholders.

Corporate Governance


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Anti-corruption Policy

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