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We are a holding company, with a number of subsidiaries and associated companies specializing in media communications,


The name “Prakit” is synonymous with media in Thailand and has a proud heritage of over 41 years of successful operations.

Even today, with the many new and diverse options available, Prakit Media still delivers unique media insights and value that are second to none.

A quick overview:


  • Established in 1978, therefore offering 41 years of media experience in the Thai market.

  • One of Thailand’s top ten media agencies with excellent media connections, enabling us to always offer better media rates to clients.

  • A staff of 40 high–caliber media planning and buying experts.

  • A combination of international media know-how and local media insight and expertise to successfully drive clients’ ROI.

  • Complete proprietary Media Tools and Processes, plus full media data from Nielsen.

Nature of Business

  • Holding company, investing in subsidiary and associated companies.

  • Providing media planning and buying.

  • Providing management service, finance and accounting, human resource and other services which are required by our subsidiaries and associated other companies.

Business Operation of Associated and Subsidiary Companies

  • Managing and brokering various types of advertising media.

  • Producing advertising materials for clients such as printed materials, TV commercials, radio spots, online films, launch and sales events and the like, for both mainstream and online media.

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Our Services

  • Development of annual media plans with comprehensive analyses and media tools.

  • Initiate time-to-time media activation.

  • Monthly Media Plan.

  • Monthly competitive spending/activities analysis.

  • Upfront negotiation/booking (buying).

  • Monthly TV post-buy analysis.

  • Media Performances Report (Echo).

  • Quarterly Review.

  • Regular reports of the latest media news (Media Flash/Media Dynamics).


Our Approach

  • Thorough Media Knowledge, even in a changing environment.

  • Professional Partnership so that Client feels involved.

  • Quickly Reactive and Proactive to take advantage of market changes.

  • Extra Benefits Offered so that Clients get extra value.

  • A ‘can do” mindset that offers More Flexibility.

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